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About Us

Global Business Consulting Group


Since founded in 2002, BNE Consulting Co., Ltd. has been with customers as the master of wide range of corporate negotiation consulting: Business Contract Negotiation, International Sales and Purchase Negotiation, Settlement of Business Conflict & Claims, Business Dispute Resolution, M&A Negotiation, Lawsuit Negotiation for Korean International Clients. BNE's proven innovative "Creative Problem Solving System(CPSS)"

with leading experts in each field like corporate lawyers, international lawyers, patent attorneys, tax attorneys, experts in financial and banking industry, corporate value appraisers, real-estate developer, HRM specialists and IT and BT professionals has been acclaimed as Korea's best comprehensive negotiation consulting platform providing High-Quality , High-Efficiency, and Rapid problem-solving business consultation,

business agency service, and best practical negotiation.


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​Global Business Consulting Group


Creative Problem Solving System

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BNE Consulting Co., Ltd.

CEO Bak, Sang Gi

Address 4F KID Institute Building, 13, Nambusunhwan-ro 319-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea