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Mergers and Acquisitions



Accumulated knowledge and experience, using domestic

and foreign networks specialized in corporate restructuring, buyout, mergers, and acquisitions stable and best return on investors


​​M&A Negotiation




Due Diligence



Pricing Negotiation


Tender Offer


​​Spin-off and Trading




Strategic Alliance


​​Hostile M&A Defense




Through BNE's professional support of M&A strategy
and intelligence, customers can refine their M&A goals,
build dedicated teams, and secure successful
M&A execution processes.

strategic due diligence

BNE's strategic due diligence is based on both the objective facts and the thorough and quantitative assessment, which prevents customers from falling into fallacies, and, instead, concentrate into the transaction itself. It’s another benefit for customers to explore the hidden synergies in the marketplace and the hidden risks in the M&A transaction process.

post-acquisition consolidation

BNE’s unique post-acquisition consolidation program assuages the common merger risks and hindrances and provides a very collaborating approach, systematically. Through this approach, customers can constitute the amicable atmosphere and coordinate positive changes in the company inducing employees to expect productive expectations of the merger.

sale of business consulting

BNE's strategically well-designed preparation for the sale of its business helps customers harvest the utmost not only the monetary return, but also, the strategic business benefits through division.

new spin-off solution and trading plan

BNE's new spin-off solution envisions the spin-off rationale, develops a thorough spin-off and trading plan, and prepares for a successful deal for both the spin- off and the parent company.

This helps companies create maximum value through the spin-off process.

Joint venture and alliance strategy

BNE's well-designed joint venture and alliance strategy realize the most strategic corporate value of the customers’ joint ventures and alliances, strengthening the internal capabilities to magnify the effects and results.

M&A became an integral part of your business growth strategy.
Set a plan of strategic M&A ahead before
M&A opportunities and situation arise.

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